Welcome to Growing Healthy Together

Your precious little ones deserve a natural, healthy, and loving place to help them grow and thrive.  At Growing Healthy Together, we consider it a privilege to offer a unique family experience that blends the natural benefits of alternative healthcare with the modern methods of Western medicine.  We practice integrative medicine near Los Angeles, at our Long Beach clinic, and our mission is to provide every parent with a complete range of options for their child’s healthcare.

The GHT Difference: A Holistic Health Practitioner In Long Beach

GHT Kids is an alternative provider with holistic health practitioners for family healthcare in Long Beach.  What sets us apart from traditional pediatrics is our ability to provide natural, compassionate options for your child’s wellbeing, along with a Concierge Pediatrician Plan if that fits your needs. We understand that while traditional Western medicine often treats the symptoms, it doesn’t always address the root cause of the illness.  We treat the whole child, allowing the body to help heal itself through natural integrative holistic medicine.  With a level of accessibility unrivaled in pediatrics, we put our nearly 20 years’ worth of medical experience to work for you and your child.

“…I discussed [5 shots at once] with [my son’s] pediatrician, and she gave me the smug…”I know what’s best” look. I felt like I was unable to discuss things with said Doctor and decided, I would explore all my options… So…I found this newly opened holistic pediatrician in Long Beach, an alternative kids provider, which offered quick service for appointments, and also, cash payment, which fits our needs as we have private insurance…[GHT] gave both of my kids thorough exams in a fun, engaging way…My 5 year old required 2 shots and was screaming bloody murder at the sight of anything that looked like a needle. But, on the way out, said he thought it would be “alot more worser” than it actually was. Mike was swift, stealth and delivered those shots in the blink of an eye…Thank God for Growing Healthy Together!!!! We will be back for their kind service, inviting practice, and fun atmosphere! Thanks Mike!”

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