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How Our Holistic Health Practitioners Are Different

When was the last time you texted your child’s healthcare provider with a quick question? Better still, when was the last time you snapped a picture of a bump on your kid’s leg and sent it to his doctor wondering how concerned you should be?

We figured you’d say that—and that’s the difference.

Growing Healthy Together means open and direct communication with your child’s holistic pediatrician. It means not having to wait a month for an appointment. It means a quick text or phone call to put your mind at ease. It means having a true connection to the people who know your child. It means when you come in for a visit, it’s like visiting friends, not strangers.

Growing Healthy Together exists because of one simple truth: Children know the difference.

Growing Up Healthy means knowing that the Holistic Pediatrician you trust with your child’s health is worthy of that responsibility. It means your child is comfortable and healthy, and is alongside those who want the best for him or her. It means being more than just a time on an appointment slip, or a name on a check. It means the difference between health care and healing someone. It’s the difference between treating an illness and making someone healthy.

We live in a time where it can be hard for a parent to know the difference between those who are filling squares, and those who truly care.

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