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Office Visits

Wellness Visit, Sick Visit, Routine Visit



Tb Test (PPD), Urine Dip, Hemoglobin/ Hematocrit, Rapid Strep A test (throat Swab)


Flu Shots

0-6 months: $25, 3 years
and older: $45



Vitamin B12
(standard dose): $25
Antibiotic: $55



Hearing Screening Exam
Vision Screening
(iScreen Exam)



Nebulizer Treatment: $99
Wart, Skin Tag,
I&D Abscess: $129
Ear Piercing: $99


DTap/Tdap: $50
Hepatitis A: $45
Hepatitis B: $36
Meningococcal conjugate vaccine: $196

HIB: $35
HPV: $200
MMR: $90
Polio: $82
Prevnar: $264
Rotavirus: $150

Td: $44.00

For all Concierge Plan patients, vaccines will no longer be included in the fee. The fee will continue to be $65/mo., but Concierge patients will be charged for each vaccine used. Concierge plan patients will be receiving vaccines at the VFC (the Vaccines for Children Program) retail rate of $26.03 per vaccine, a statewide rate for those that qualify for the vaccine program.


All cash-based visits will now be $99.


Flu-season is upon us and we must reserve weekend spots for sick patients.

We request that those of you with scheduled Well Visits on Saturdays change their appointments to weekdays. If you still require a weekend appointment(s), there will be an insurance-based fee for Well Visits on Saturdays. This fee will not apply to Sick Visits.

We at GHT understand the all-too-familiar pocket-book pressure, so we continue to aim to keep our practice as affordable as possible. For more questions or concerns, please contact us via our website or by phone at (562) 473-4441.