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Code of Conduct

Growing Healthy Together expects visitors, patients, and families to refrain from unacceptable, disruptive, or threatening behaviors to provide a safe, healthy environment.


Please consider the following code of conduct.

  • First, always wear a mask when inside the office.
  • If you have any questions about your care or are unhappy with a service, speak with our office manager before you leave our office. Any clarifications can be addressed at the time of your visit.
  • Do not attempt to lie or coerce a provider into providing you with false documents.
  • Questions about your billing can be addressed by sending an email to If you have questions on insurance, please get in touch with the member services number on the back of your card.
  • GHT has a zero-tolerance policy on aggressive behavior. Any violence or harassment is not permitted towards any of our staff members.
  • Sexual harassment is not permitted towards any of our providers and staff. Lewd or obscene comments or gestures are prohibited at Growing Healthy Together.
  • Please supervise your children. While we are happy to help support our parents and guardians, please keep an eye on your little ones around our medical equipment and materials.
  • Please limit your discussions to topics about your child’s care and not your political or social beliefs during visits.

On the Growing Healthy Together premises, do not:

  • Possess firearms or any weapon
  • Intimidate or harass staff or other patients
  • Make threats of violence of any kind (i.e., physical threats or violence, phone calls and voicemail, letters, email)
  • Physically assault or threaten
  • Make verbal threats intended to harm or destroy property
  • Damage equipment or property
  • Make gestures that are derogatory or menacing
  • Make discriminatory racial, sexual, or cultural slurs or remarks

Finally, if you witness or are subjected to any of the above-listed behaviors, please report them to any staff member immediately. Violators of our code of conduct may be removed from the facility or discharged from the practice.

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